Diageo to launch Johnnie Walker whisky in paper bottles in 2021

Diageo to launch Johnnie Walker whisky in paper bottles in 2021

Diageo Plc announced on that Johnnie Walker scotch whisky will be available in plastic-free bottles from early 2021, as the world’s biggest spirits maker ramps up efforts to tackle plastic waste. The new bottle has been developed in partnership with venture management company Pilot Lite, and will be made from wood pulp that meets food grade standards and is fully recyclable.

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 weeks


Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 4 weeks

Huh. How biodegradable is paper that can hold liquid, though? I've never seen paper do that well at liquid containment. All-caps boy raises a point though, glass and a cork of some sort has no plastic either.

Jason 4 weeks

None of the will matter once someone finds a rude quote in the ceo high school year book and Johny Walker gets canceled

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 4 weeks

Nothing says class and tradition like putting single malt whiskey in paper or plastic. As if millennials are even drinking those product, seems as if they actually want to alienate their clientele.

TheCurrentModality 4 weeks

So go back to killing trees. Don't these companies realize you cant appease these people. Thier only choice is glass. But greed keeps them from using glass.

Cross1ve 4 weeks

This is moronic. It won't be just paper but plastic AND paper, because it needs a layer to protect the insides. Besides that, who the fuck drinks whiskey out of a plastic or paper bottle? Fking alcoholics

Timothy 4 weeks

Okay, so let’s be environmentally friendly and chop down trees.

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