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Biden presidency would be a ’ratings’ nightmare, says Trump

Biden presidency would be a ’ratings’ nightmare, says Trump

Warning his social media followers that a Joe Biden victory in November could mean ’no ratings’, President Donald Trump tweeted and asked ’Is this what you want for your President???’ The President further claimed that if former Vice President Biden would win in November, the media would go down along with ’our great USA’.

Tom A
Tom A
Seekster 1 months

Pence is absolutely right. Sadly the Democratic Party has foolishly thrown in with the America-hating mob that wants to destroy America's monuments and rewrite American history to suit their perverse narrative.

Holley 1 months

if this doesn't confirm that we have a reality show President, I don't know what does. RATINGS! A Fool keeps proving he is a Fool! That's what Fools do! WAKE UP!

Flyfishing51 1 months

But Biden is not the president right now.

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