US budget deficit hits all-time high of $864 billion in June

US budget deficit hits all-time high of $864 billion in June

The federal government incurred the biggest monthly budget deficit in history of $864B in June, as Washington doled out huge sums of money to try to aid small businesses. The increase pushed the budget gap for the current fiscal year to $2.7T, compared to $747B in the same nine-month period last year. The deficit is already nearly twice as large as the previous record of $1.4T, set in 2009.

John 3 weeks

Thank you Trump for cutting down America’s deficit and giving working Americans the best economy ever I will be sure to cast my vote for Biden come November

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

No shit. That's kinda what happens during times like this. No one should be surprised.

Peter 3 weeks

So what. Where is inflation. This means there is untapped spending capacity in the USA economy. We’ve been underfunding national projects for decades based on failed Economic models of growth drivers If inflation appears u tax back the wealth to re-fund the budget Eco 101 (Tax cuts are not a GDP or jobs driver they simply defund societies long term priorities)

Rocky 3 weeks

This makes me physically ill. I hate government so much it hurts.

Lucino 3 weeks

As users of Newsvoice is there a feature to report non story related links?

TexasReb 3 weeks

We in the USA and the World are Doomed by Debit. Ultimately the only way out of this is by printing money and living with hyperinflation or simply cancelling the debit. Either way, we are all doomed when the can gets kicked to the end of the road.

TheMadDane 3 weeks

Fire up the money machine.

Fin 3 weeks

Ouch... Do u think the emperor cares... He runs the country like one giant ponzi scheme

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