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Tucker Carlson to take ’long-planned’ vacation after writer’s resignation

Tucker Carlson to take ’long-planned’ vacation after writer’s resignation

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed Monday night the resignation of his former writer, Blake Neff, who posted racist comments online pseudonymously, saying that though the comments Neff made were wrong, and they have no connection to the show, but, Carlson added, the writer had paid a ’very heavy price’. Tucker then said he is leaving for a ’long-planned’ vacation.

Tom A
Tom A
Mutatis 4 months

Is there a quick term to describe articles that are the equivalent of media gossip?

IIZard 4 months

The posts weren't even contravertial. This writer's resignation should be rejected by fox.

Barry 4 months

His entire material was from that one writer. Now he has to go on hiatus till they find him a new one

Charles 4 months

Seems like every time he does a boom boom he needs to slip away to a long-planned vacation. Like a hidey hole.

Shafiek 4 months

Lol, what an ass. Stay away bro

Fin 4 months

Watch... Will pop up working for trump campaign after a holiday in moscow.......all expenses paid compliments of a maga connection

CommanderVaasDC 4 months

Oh no a vacation the horror. Can the man not go on a vacation?

Will Miller
Will Miller 4 months

Oh no

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