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He has a lot to account for, says Lindsey Graham on Mueller testifying

He has a lot to account for, says Lindsey Graham on Mueller testifying

Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairperson of the Senate Judiciary Committee said that he would invite former special counsel Robert Mueller in order to testify about his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign. Mr. Graham’s comments come after Mr. Mueller wrote an opinion piece in which he defended his probe and also talked about the conviction of Roger Stone.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 4 months

Actually, it's Lindsey Graham that should be investigated. He's as corrupt as Trump and kisses his a** on a regular basis. He's a useless individual and needs to be voted out of office!!!

Fin 4 months

Corrupt is u Sen graham.. Ur enabling of a man who has violated his oath of office as y continue to violate urs... SC u deserve better... As he pulls this crap we have zero answers about the Russian game of American soldiers scalps for payment. Just as big and dirty a cover up as bengazhi.. He doubletalk distracts n protects an agenda that's anti constitutional... Don't be fooled by him n his country boy routine.. Vote him out

1 and done.
1 and done. 4 months

It's disgusting to see Mueller get dragged down into the Russia stuff again. The man was given a tough task by the DOJ and did it to the best of his ability. And, in the end, his determined that there was not a criminal conspiracy with Russia. End of story. The people that should be under scrutiny are the DOJ officials that called for the investigation in the first place.

Shmee 4 months

Spying on an incoming presidential candidate and team is highly problematic. Obama was sure he was handing the presidency to Hillary, and this sham investigation would never be given a second thought.

Alex 4 months

It's quite clear that this administration is corrupt

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