Hillary Clinton: We need to be ready if Trump won’t go quietly after election

Hillary Clinton: We need to be ready if Trump won’t go quietly after election

Hillary Clinton appeared in a virtual interview Monday with Trevor Noah. She claimed that Republicans are trying to stifle votes from those they believe will vote blue in November. Noah asks if she believes Trump will use Americans likely to vote by mail as an excuse to delegitimize the election and refuse to yield power. Clinton stated that we must be ready if Trump won’t go quietly after losing.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Jack 3 weeks

The only group that have attempted to thwart the US electoral system in recent history have been the democrats.

intherough 3 weeks

The woman who couldn't even go out and address her supporters on election night and had temper tantrums that still haven't stopped is saying what?

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 3 weeks

Oh the irony! This from the woman, who 4 years later, is still around yapping about how she should be in the WH!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

LOL says the woman who STILL has not accepted her loss. The dems are basically setting it up so no matter how the election goes, they can blame trump. Its so obvious, especially with Obama weighing in on mail in voting and HRC bringing up trump being helped by foreign powers(which is rich because she herself does this) . Its going to be a messy election

Sabrina Has Tacos
Sabrina Has Tacos 3 weeks

Always funny when Hillary desperately tries to be relevant

David 3 weeks

Am I the only one that can't stand that Noah twit? At least Jon Stewart was funny.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 3 weeks

Ah Wormtongue Clinton, I wondered where she'd gone to.

themdg 3 weeks

This is gaslighting nonsense. Moving on...

Fin 3 weeks

Omg please go for a long bivouac n hike in those nearby woods

Pam 3 weeks

Don't be ridiculous!

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