theLifeOf 4 weeks

This is technically incorrect. The jobs he will destroy in the oil and gas industry will outnumber the jobs he would create with this. Renewable energy is still very, very expensive, inefficient, and requires 400x the space compared to traditional means in the case of solar energy. Windmills destroy wildlife. America needs to will forward and so does the world. However, not at the cost of our livelihoods, ecosystem, or wildlife. There’s also the matter of storing, transporting energy from these methods Climate alarmism is uncecessary and never considers the impact of renewables, which is invariably significant.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 4 weeks

Joe Biden has a plan? Are you sure it isn’t his far left handlers that have the plan and creepy uncle Joe is just the vehicle to get themselves in a position to force it on us. Anyone voting for Biden have to stop and take a long hard look at what a Democrat presidency would look like right now. The Chaz was a tiny window to the world these Marxists are pushing for.

Matt 4 weeks

This is what Obama said too, did that work? No, it did not. Shovel ready jobs for everyone!

Rory 4 weeks

The technology is becoming capable. It is time to invest into the industry so our future will be a clean and healthy one.

Richard 3 weeks

"shovel ready jobs"

Gina 4 weeks

Another BAD idea!

F G 4 weeks

'Joe Bidens plan'... The man doesn't even know what year this is.

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