Judge lifts gag order on Mary Trump ahead of tell-all book release

Judge lifts gag order on Mary Trump ahead of tell-all book release

A judge in NY lifted the temporary restraining order on President Trump’s niece Mary Trump, allowing her to speak ahead of the publication of her tell-all book. Supreme Court Judge Hal Greenwald rejected arguments by the president’s brother, Robert, that Mary is blocked from talking about family members publicly by an agreement relatives made to settle the estate of her father after his death.

Tom A
Tom A
O'Brien 3 weeks

Shall we compare careers first before deciding who should be giving career advice to whom? Especially seeing she’s a nobody apart from her name and her career consists of lending that name to a ghostwritten dump on her uncle.

Alex 3 weeks

Wow your father on his death bed and you go to the theater show and your dad is dying unheard of.

TheMadDane 3 weeks

Who the hell is she?

Jon 3 weeks

She's not wrong. That emergency press briefing yesterday was a complete joke.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 3 weeks

I means she's not wrong.... Also ppl want to not do their research and just think socialism and communism are the same which they are NOT.... Socialism is an economic and political system. It is an economic theory of social organization. It believes that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers. ... People who agree with this type of system are called socialists. If your not cool with this idea then you aren't a patriot are you.

Error 3 weeks


Matt 3 weeks

The sociopath claim is probably valid. The "1%" that some complain about are often like that. It's a primary reason they tend to ascend the ranks wherever they go. Those traits translate well into many top positions. If you want to be in their circle, you are definitely playing their game by their rules.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 3 weeks

Angry relative rants on tv that success their uncle is too successful...while trying to sell book on cnn.

Alex 3 weeks


Ertuğrul 3 weeks

Who cares

Matt 3 weeks

Had anyone even heard of her before she started screaming Orange man bad

Sergio 3 weeks

She must have burned through her trust fund already

theLifeOf 3 weeks

Another boring, desperate, smear campaign.

TorintheBlack 3 weeks

Looking forward to the book.

Doug 3 weeks

Long-standing Android app bug prevents marking this as a duplicate of https://newsvoice.com/i/4746635

Jack 3 weeks

She looks like a grumpy feminist lol

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