Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of BLM protester

Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of BLM protester

A statue of slave trader Edward Colston has been replaced in Bristol, United Kingdom, with a sculpture of one of the BLM protesters who helped topple him down. The figure of Jen Reid was erected at dawn Wednesday. A placard reading ’black lives still matter’ was placed at the bottom of the plinth. Reid said she had been secretly working with artist Marc Quinn on the idea for weeks.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 weeks

I too want to tear down a statue and erect one of myself, because I am so very humble

pennydreadful 2 weeks

Not right on so many levels. I'd be interested in knowing what are her accomplishments to deserve a statue here. "I think it's something the people of Bristol really appreciate seeing", said Ms Reid. NO. I do not think so. It's just going to be a reminder of lawlessness.

Mr Dewitt
Mr Dewitt 2 weeks

It's about time his statue was torn down and replaced with hers. She's done so much for every community at large and is a wealth of wisdom. Let me list her societal achievements for the uninitiated: 1.) Tore statue down 2.) Replaced it with her own vanity

Jeff 2 weeks

Since we let a slave trader statue stand for so long. I'm not going to sweat it too much who replaces them as long as they didn't traffic in human life for a living. Does that seem fair guys?

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