Apple wins $15 billion EU court appeal over Irish tax scheme

Apple wins $15 billion EU court appeal over Irish tax scheme

A European appeals court has ruled in favor of Apple and Ireland against an EU order that the tech giant pay the country €13B in back taxes, for abusing Irish tax laws. The order stated that Ireland had breached state rules by giving Apple tax benefits, and ordered Ireland to recover the money. The court said it has annulled the decision as the EU failed to prove Apple had broken competition rules

Tom A
Tom A
Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 4 weeks

Ireland has these laws to draw companies in. The laws are designed to allow little tax to be paid. They are working within the rules quite obviously as those rules encourage this behaviour. To let them carry on and on and then, years later, go "NO THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT, GIVE ME MONEY" is a way to scare away lots of big business. Whether the system is right or wrong is not really the question. It's whether Ireland was working within the EU rules and whether Apple was working within the rules of Ireland. If those rules are shady and corrupt doesn't enter into it, unfortunately.

Jason 4 weeks

Paddy tips the cap to the landlord once more. How proud I am to be irish today.

E 4 weeks


youssou 4 weeks


Max Bants
Max Bants 4 weeks

The EU really needed that cash now the UK has left

Dan 4 weeks

Guess this will bring the iPhones' prices down...

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