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Sen. Rand Paul accuses singer after receiving suspicious package

Sen. Rand Paul accuses singer after receiving suspicious package

Sen. Paul has pointed the finger at 1980s pop star Richard Marx after he received a suspicious package containing white powder at his home on Monday. After Paul said on Sunday he would not get vaccinated against Covid, Marx tweeted that if he ever met the senator’s erstwhile neighbor, who broke his ribs in 2017, he would ’hug him and buy him as many drinks as he can consume.’

Christian 3 weeks

What are the chances Marx is a Marxist, going by name and anti-libertarian agenda alone here.

michael 3 weeks

No reason to suspect the singer. Lots of people hate rand paul for his dangerous anti science positions.

Christian 3 weeks

And I'll bet Richard Marx also eats dead babies, rigged the election so Biden would win, and whatever other QAnon garbage you want to pin on him.

Richard 3 weeks

I would agree with Marx. Rand Paul resides just below a whale turd on the bottom of the ocean as far as I am concerned!

Randy 3 weeks

To be clear, Paul accused the one-time singer of encouraging violence, not actually sending him an unknown substance. I think it's a has-been's right, as much as it was Trump's, to engage in hot rhetoric without directly inciting anything, and Paul, a libertarian, must agree.

chris 3 weeks

Way to go Richard, your music was awesome in the 80’s too.

John W
John W 3 weeks

"I’ll finish what your neighbor started, you motherFer.” That's a direct threat, stop trying to say it's just free speech. It's illegal to make threats, not say the words.

Patty 3 weeks

Richard MARX??? He's still around??

Ben 3 weeks

Let the Evil doers show their nature. And expose themselves.

Anthony 3 weeks

I never heard of Richard Marx and I will google him... Later.

That_Damn_Dragon 3 weeks

Pretty serious accusation Mr. Paul probably shouldn't make publicly, but it tracks

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 weeks

The party of tolerance and love folks

John 3 weeks

Wherever he goes, he will be right there waiting for him

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