Oklahoma Governor tests positive for coronavirus

Oklahoma Governor tests positive for coronavirus

Kevin Stitt, the Governor of Oklahoma announced that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. He also said he is the first Governor to test positive for the virus. The Governor said that he felt ’fine’, though a ’little achy’. He also announced that he would be quarantining away from his family, and would be working from home.

Tom A
Tom A
Stephen 3 weeks

Oh no.... Now he'll have the sniffles for a few days if he has any symptoms at all... Clearly this means that everyone needs to be locked in their homes forever....

Fin 3 weeks

Suddenly he isn't gonna be so smug doing selfies in restaurants..... Thoughts n prayers get well soon hopefully you do not have any underlying comorbity conditions.. Fight hard ur kids need u

Jon 3 weeks

Hopefully he didn't infect someone that actually matters.

Kyle G
Kyle G 3 weeks


Joshua 3 weeks

I guess we'll have to wait til senate gets sick for Congress to get on their "A" game.

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