Highprofile Twitter accounts simultaneously hacked to spread alleged crypto scam

Highprofile Twitter accounts simultaneously hacked to spread alleged crypto scam

Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and other high profile twitter users had their accounts hacked in order to spread a crypto scam. Twitter users were prompted by the tweets to send cryptocurrency to a bitcoin wallet, where they would then be sent back double the amount. Approximately $120,000 was received at the bitcoin wallet. And other sources in the hacker community speculate another target.

Anony 4 weeks

Anyone that is actually dealing in Bitcoin and is dumb enough to fall for this deserves to lose their money.

Dee 4 weeks

So... Trump's account wasn't hacked... But everyone else's was?

Bart 4 weeks

And no on put two plus two together. Not one day after Trump puts serious restrictions on China and Chinese supporters in USA this cyber attack of most prominent American people happens. If this is not unofficial declaration of war from Chinese government then people in USA are truly blinded by their freedoms.

Mozgus 4 weeks

Very little money for a hack this low level. It's obvious this was a real hack and not individual password security ignorance. They could have made a huge fortune if they played their cards right

sergio.O 4 weeks

Yeap some YouTube live that folloow that : https://youtu.be/RRzzDISPAfA cointelegraph https://youtu.be/2bXux89F3ac cofeezillaa It's either a pretty serious 0sec or an insidejob ! Wow

milcaunicorn 4 weeks

It't grayhat hackers, they do pentesting of companies all the time. The hackers obvisly like to promote bitcoin 😝

SickOfTribalisem 4 weeks

Only 53k in minoutes... idiotic... wasting so much acces on so litel.. oh i mean the ppotenvial... anyone got a idea how kuch the chinese would pay for this or................ i mean easily crashing a company stock only to let it recover in a minute couls make the right stratigic person millions if not billions... (obviously there are issues such as a easier way to trace the money back to u aand... but there are ways around tthat... i mean there are so many ways to profit from a company's stock collapsing/... (i mean ovioauly.might be a bbit harder to pull off one will need to make things feel reliable and nnot obvious and... but i mean man how idiotic....... such a tiny scam when there was the potencial for a huge one...... but hey.. maybe the criminals had some morala and did not want to collaps giant companiws not to mention today's dire economi state... -so why not steal from tthe poor from the followera not from the rich.... makes u just think we are ddealing with lucky idiots

Tom 4 weeks

Can we change the title of this one sounds like a BuzzFeed article

Change Matters
Change Matters 4 weeks

It's a digital mock execution. Some people just letting us know they have capacity to interrupt things. Like the presidents direct link to the people

mirror 4 weeks

Technology it’s complicated, even if we as humanity have figured out how to do something - building it cost money. Most companies don’t have the resources to keep up with the hackers. Twitter I did not expect!

FatYeezus 4 weeks

DM's were probably the real target.

David Webb
David Webb 4 weeks


Scorpio 4 weeks

I remember similar scams in RuneScape.

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