Family wealth of super-rich increases despite coronavirus

Family wealth of super-rich increases despite coronavirus

More than three-quarters of the world’s richest people have reported an increase their family wealth despite the global economic downturn resulting from the pandemic, according to a survey done by Swiss bank UBS. The report found that 93 of the 121 families across 35 countries – who had average fortunes of $1.6bn – had seen their investment portfolios ’perform in line with, or above, targets’.

John Doh
John Doh 3 weeks

Alternative Headline: Jealousy of non-super-rich increases despite coronavirus.

Justin 3 weeks

Hmm all businesses are locked down. I still need stuff to live. How about I order it from Amazon.... How is this even news? Ohh that's right let's remove logic and try another Marxist tactic of class warfare. Headline should read, next incurable virus found, MSM. It's a brain eating virus with no known cure.

Fin 3 weeks

Simple logic since they own the companies sit on all the boards n own all their stocks... N simply needs to stop

TinkeringEngr 3 weeks

Who doesn't love a monopoly?!

General Zap
General Zap 3 weeks

I can make money off of disasters too. It is called buying low and selling high...

david dindu
david dindu 3 weeks

Walmart n amazon never locked down while we were told to hide at home

RangoX 3 weeks

Despite? I think you mean to say because...

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