China has launched ’economic blitzkrieg’ to topple US: Barr

China has launched ’economic blitzkrieg’ to topple US: Barr

AG Barr Thursday said that the Chinese government, and the society, are on a mission to surpass the US as the ’preeminent super power of the world’, and called on the free world to join together in a ’whole of society approach’ against it. Slamming Hollywood studios and US tech firms for ’kowtowing’ to Beijing, Barr said how the US responds to China’s challenge will determine the world’s future.

harbringer F
harbringer F 2 weeks

The lack of controversy here means at least we all agree this is true. What do you think should be done about foreign interference at this level - no matter the source.

8 2 weeks

I think entertainment is the least of anyone's concerns, but companies should not help sensor and oppress people. China has over a million of their own citizens in concentration camps, limit access to information, ban public discourse, confiscate books, destroy Tiananmen Square monuments, claim historic rights to parts of six other countries plus all the South China Sea and threaten them with military force. Maybe we should ignore it because they probably just need a little "lebensraum." Angela Merkel said Germany understands China's situation and stands by them. O' the irony! I mean it's unprecedented if we ignore it what could possibly go wrong!!!

Scubaman 2 weeks

I think it an interesting statement. Shouldn't he also attack any company that is doing work for the Chinese. What about the farm products that the us government has been working so hard to ensure the Chinese are still buying? I think it would hurt China a lot more to cut off food products and make sure they don't have enough food. Chinese having entertainment seems like a secondary concern.

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