EU stimulus funds attract over 1,000 green projects

EU stimulus funds attract over 1,000 green projects

Over 1,000 climate friendly projects have lined up for a piece of the EU’s post-coronavirus recovery package. The EU Commission has proposed a 1.1T euro budget plus a 750 billion euro recovery fund aimed at rebuilding economies most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The projects would support over 2M jobs and require investment of around 200 billion euros.

Justin 3 weeks

I really don't understand governments that give private companies your tax dollars to "stimulate" growth. If the demand is there, so will be the capital. Enough with picking winners and losers.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 3 weeks

Surely this will prove to doubters that green indeed is good and no coal is not going anywhere so no one should be worried about that. But to expand the green (energy, construction, industrials.) Department to start up and put ppl to work

Indo 3 weeks

So with do have a new source to look at !? Maybe even be involved with ! Are they taking on the rest of us or just the same as commies

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