Trump should resume regular coronavirus briefings: Kellyanne Conway

Trump should resume regular coronavirus briefings: Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor on Friday said that President Donald Trump ought to resume giving regular briefings on the way the administration is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, as cases continue to rise across many parts of the country. Ms. Conway said that while the briefings don’t need to happen daily, ’The people want to hear from the president of the United States.’

Tom A
Tom A
Proud2b 2 weeks

We don’t believe one thing that Donald says. He confabulates. He is a pathological liar. He has bungled the Corona Virus Pandemic. He wants less testing because then the numbers will go down. He is completely failing daily. He is so vain, self focused, and idiotic. He is one of the stupidest people in the world. He is losing his marks as a con artist, barker, snake oil salesman. Kelly Anne the idiot who is power hungry, wants himto speak again. He makes no sense when he does these whatever they are supposed to be whatever. Sometime everything goes bake to him. 140, 000 deaths because the democrats messed up something? He NEVER takes responsibilty for anything. It is always we will see the best treatments and itis beautiful. He does word salad, and diverts most things that are asked of him. He is the shell of a man, and horrible. So Kelly Anne you help him to get over his anxiety, and temper tantrums. He isa toddler.

Kaitlyn 2 weeks

No one wants to hear from the bean man, put someone who knows the facts up there, like Fauci.

Susan 2 weeks

Why? To hear him brag, lie, attack the press. To see him use the time as a political rally? No thanks!!

Jon 2 weeks

Why so he can use them as a substitute for his campaign rally? He is clearly incapable of being a leader just throw in the towel already.

Fin 2 weeks

So basically she is admitting he should use this virus for political gain instead of doing his job n tackling the virus with common sense science so that Americans all Americans regardless of party are protected by working together... I so do love his shoot themselves in the foot trumplings that work for him....

Daniel 2 weeks

Please. It gives me something to laugh at.

Fin 2 weeks

I know he is using it politically.. Read a maga campgsin fund raising letter sent to his donors and says it in their how they think the pandemic is a plot against him... Lol... My brother in law once a donor tossed it in the trash said what a mistake he made to ever vote for him and he wouldn't ever send him a wooden nickle let alone be a part of his July thru August pledge.. Said voting for him in16. The biggest mistake of his life

Alex 2 weeks

For what? For him to lie

frango 2 weeks

Nah, not unless he's silent or absent. All he does is bastardize them into his lie fest rallies.

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