’She’s a mess!’ states Trump with reference to his niece Mary Trump

’She’s a mess!’ states Trump with reference to his niece Mary Trump

Post the release of Mary Trump’s book called ’Too Much and Never Enough’, President Trump took to Twitter exclaiming that ’a seldom seen niece who knows little about me, says untruthful things about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t stand her!) and me, and violated’ a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). He added that she broke the law by giving out his tax returns.

Fin 3 weeks

This from a guy so nasty he dumps his disabled nephews health care insure that was approved.... We see before us everyday for past four years who is a mess.. N now we know been a mess all his life.. Menacing his own family siblings nieces n nephews.... A portrait in greed ppl...

O'Brien 3 weeks

See her Mad Cow interview? It played like an instructional view for FBI new recruits on lie detection. She faltered, stammered, double-takes in answers, wriggled, tried to put her head off-center -a classic tell - and qualified her answers with things like ‘everybody was racist then’ when asked if her family used Jewish and Black slurs. She then accused Trump directly but notably didn’t put it in her book, avoiding a libel suit. Amazing how rich treachery and lies can make you.

Rose 3 weeks

Dear Donald: If she’s a mess, it’s a mess created by your dysfunctional family. You need therapy, but you would never listen or be self-reflective enough for it to be any help.

Trista 3 weeks

I have read the book. What she claims and how he portrays himself are exactly the same. She even admitted that her family cut her out.

S 3 weeks

Then I guess it's a hereditary thing!

Kelby 3 weeks

She can string words together to make a sentence, and you call her a mess *lol*

MrFredag 3 weeks

She knows how to wrire

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