UK asks Japan for Huawei alternatives in 5G networks

UK asks Japan for Huawei alternatives in 5G networks

The British government has reportedly asked Japan to help build its 5G networks without Huawei on Thursday, two days after London ordered Huawei equipment purged from its 5G networks by the end of 2027. Nikkei reported, without citing sources, that the British government officials in their talk with their Japanese counterparts named NEC Corp and Fujitsu Ltd as potential alternative suppliers.

Yash 3 weeks

UK bans Huawei. Xi Jinping: Wof warrior mode activated!!!!!! i) China warning about UK's Jaguar Land rover sales to be cut ii) Chinese not visiting or joining UK universities anymore, iii) Investments from Chinese companies to decrease iv) Delay in China trade deal which UK should be desperate about, etc. etc. Buttttt the Great Britain be like... Dumbass! There is more!! i) UK planning to deploy aircraft carrier in East China. ii) UK planning drills near China with US and Japan. iii) UK calling out China for Uighurs. iv) UK giving 3 million Hong Kongers citizenship. ... Way to go UK! Atleast someone has shown spine in Europe!!

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 3 weeks

Yeah give those 5G contracts to Japan instead. Revive the Made in Japan label that was prevalent in the 70-90's when most good quality electronics were made there. It's time to ditch the Made in China label.

Flitch 3 weeks

Between the illegal seeds being smuggled into the country to the payment scam pretending to be from 3, Its intresting to see what other methods china is going to use to punish the UK.

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