Fauci calls White House attacks on him ’bizarre’

Fauci calls White House attacks on him ’bizarre’

Dr Anthony Fauci has described White House efforts to discredit him as ’bizarre’ and a ’major mistake’. ’Ultimately, it hurts the president to do that,’ Dr Fauci said. ’It doesn’t do anything but reflect poorly on them.’His reaction came after the Trump administration published a list of comments Fauci made in the early days of the pandemic - statements which later turned out to be wrong.

Tom A
Tom A
G 2 weeks

Actually Fauci was wrong and lied on multiple occasions making it difficult to trust him at this point. 1. Said masks don’t work and that we shouldn’t wear them. That health proffessionals are the only ones that need them. Now says we need them and that they help combat the virus (still very inconclusive if this is true or not). 2. Told President Trump he shouldn’t close our borders and that restricting travel from China and Europe won’t help. Pelosi and other Dems said the same thing. Took one month for Fauci to finally admit Trump was right in doing that. 3. He came out the other day and stated that New York did a great job combating the virus. Sorry Fauci but I didn’t know 32,000 deaths was a “great job.” The reason the virus stopped spreading in New York is because it ran its course. New York is exactly what other states should not do when fighting this virus. At this point, it’s become clearer that Fauci just spews the headlines. You can trust him all you want but I stopped. He’s clearly not the answer to this.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 weeks

Fauci believes that NYC is the model of how covid/pandemic response should be done. That dude has lost all credibility. If you can say with a straight face that a city that mandated all elderly Covid19 patients be placed into nursing homes, resulting in thousands of needless elderly deaths, is the city all others should be modeled after, then you have absolutely no more professional legs to stand on regarding the China virus.

S 2 weeks

Trump wrong on ALL counts - and it's in the record books.

Fin 2 weeks

No one warned him was walking into an episode of the twilight zone intermingled with the theater of the absurd and unreal sprinkled with a scene out of the WWE... Keep standing ur ground doc... Welcome to the trumpy horror picture show....where the truth is distorted while maga charter takes one thru a grotesque time warp

En Sabah
En Sabah 2 weeks

Fauci has given advise based on what was known about the virus at the time. Our understanding has changed, and so has Dr. Fauci's advise. We're still learning about the virus. Yes, at one point, he advised the public that we didn't need masks. This is because at that time, based on the knowledge that we had, we thought it spreads primarily through contact with infected surfaces and there was an emphasis on people washing their hands or using hand sanitizer. For a long time now, in light of additional information, Fauci and others have been recommending masks. To call him a "liar" is a bit extreme, and the President seems to be doing this to distract from his own inadequate response to this thing. Dr. Fauci can't be a scapegoat. The buck stops with the president who has bumbled the response from the beginning.

Marvin 2 weeks

His job was to give Americans an accurate description and plans to deal with Covid. All he did was endanger, hurt, and kill Americans by telling them not to wear mask or use any PPE. Nobody trust a liar.

Pam 2 weeks


Doug 2 weeks

Users who submit unrelated links should be banned

Skot 2 weeks

Fauci is figure head for health mob. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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