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Dems’ bid to fast track ongoing fight for Trump tax returns denied by SC

Dems’ bid to fast track ongoing fight for Trump tax returns denied by SC

House Democrats had filed a request at the Supreme Court, urging the acceleration of the timeline of remaining court battles over congressional subpoenas for the tax returns of President Donald Trump. The request has been by the Supreme Court. Currently, the ruling regarding the President’s returns would only reach the lower courts by August 3.

Tom A
Tom A
Adam 4 months

Well, the Dems are fearing for their lives about what the Durham investigation will reveal. They have known since the day Trump was elected they broke several laws and everything since 2016 has been an attempt to throw smoke to delay the coming indictments. The Dems are in real trouble and they know it. Thus, they would rather side with the destructive force raging against the US then cough up all the corrupt officials. Talk about real traitors.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 months

They're just DYING to get them so they can leak them right before the election. Democrats have proven time and time again that they can't keep anything secret or that they know how to keep their computer systems secure.

Randall 4 months

The grand jury case in Manhattan has a colorable appearance of being related to an identifiable criminal investigation. (What are the accounting records for known payments) The House actions are patently politically motivated and SCOTUS isn't going to play that game. An additional factor for Manhattan grand jury action is there is some reasonable expectation that the rules and procedures of secrecy will be followed. Anything that is given to the House will be leaked in a nanosecond.

Jallal 4 months

Well if you’re going to vote for somebody Best to air out all their dirty laundry. Honestly I don’t know what trump supporters are worried about if you know the guy is innocent let this play out. Worst that can happen is it’s revealed Trumps a financial criminal, and I would hope trump fans wouldn’t want to support that anyway. At best the Democrats just waisted their time so it’s a win win for you guys anyway.

Pam 4 months

I want to see Obama's, Clinton's and BIDENS and Pelosis finances!

John 4 months

We need to speed up so much as far as blowing up the corrupt Dump sewer!

John 4 months

Little bitch boy's gotta hide them. It'll prove one of two things; he's a fucking criminal, which I'll let it slide and say probably not, or he's afraid to look embarrassed because he doesn't make as much as he says, in which case, he's a bitch. Oh, and I know you might think that little Donny is the big tough law and order president, lemme show you this little gem of a quote; Wallace: Whether it's in 2021, or 2025, How will you regard your years as president of the United States? Trump: I think I was very unfairly treated.... There is literally no better example of how this trash clown is a snowflake bitch. What a pussy...

John 4 months

Here's a mental exercise for you Trumpist out there. I know those are hard, but you can do it, I believe in you. Imagine Clinton was president and going through this much shit to hide her taxes. Now, how would you feel about that?

Johnny 4 months

Trump it’s know the records will show criminality

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