Burger King wins dismissal of vegans’ lawsuit over Impossible Whopper

Burger King wins dismissal of vegans’ lawsuit over Impossible Whopper

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit accusing Burger King of deceiving vegan, and other customers into thinking it cooked the plant-based patties on grills other than those used to cook beef and chicken. The judge said that the plaintiffs did not ask about Burger King’s cooking method. He added that the company’s ads did not promise cooking on a different surface.

Arrow 3 weeks

I've eaten vegan for 5 years, and these people are idiots. You're NOT allergic, you're on a DIET same as me. If you're so scared of cross-contamination, maybe go to a restaurant marketed toward you, and not *burger* king. Yet they wonder why everyone hates us so virulently.

Dave 3 weeks

Honestly, if I were a vegan I wouldn't go to somewhere called BURGER King. Like vegetarian can be "I don't like the taste of meat" but vegan is ideological. They are the "don't eat animals!" Lot. Why are they supporting Burger King?

Burger 3 weeks

A vegan going to Burger King is like a westboro Baptist church member participating in a gay pride parade.

RaiRai 3 weeks

I've honestly had enough of these special eating people. When I was little we didn't have food at all for a whole week and I was hungry all the time. I would have eaten anything at that point. Luckily I had a friend who invited me twice to eat at her home and her mom even packed lunch, which I secretly gave to my mom at home, so I was very grateful. To this day I would never complain about any type of food as long as it's not rotten. Stop being so spoiled!

Rational ific
Rational ific 3 weeks

Jeez. I'm a vegetarian and I was thrilled that Burger King even cared to give me something good to eat. Plus, you can get it microwaved upon request (and that is not bad). They are making it harder for companies to even support them with more options.

Paooul 3 weeks

As a cook this is pretty dickish of Burger King. If you are stating a product is vegan or vegetarian friendly then that includes cooking it in a way that it isn’t contaminated with animal products. It’s the exact same thing as any food allergies.

FishyMacaroon6 3 weeks

If you have ethical issues with the consumption of animals, why would you support a business that exists primarily to sell meat products? Seems like they just wanted to stick it to the company, not to actually be able to eat there regularly. If it's not a morality thing, and just an attempt to try and eat healthier, then the minimal contact of a shared grill surface will have no measurable impact on how healthy it is.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 weeks

They gave me their Impossible Burger once accidentally. It actually tasted pretty good. The only complaint I had was it was very grainy. That's all I have to contribute 😁

Arthur 3 weeks

If you dont like it just dont go there!

michael 3 weeks

hmm, do they cook fish on different surfaces? seems like a rational expectation. vegans aren't vegetarians, to call something vegan requires that it contain no animal products, that includes grease from prior foods. Burger King just lost any potential vegan customer. and if they don't do fish on different grills than burgers, they would lose anyone with fish allergies. just don't claim something is vegan if it doesn't follow their (admittedly rediculously) strict guidelines. would you tell a Jew it was kosher? a Muslim that it was halal? a Hindu that it contained no product of animal?

1hafawake 3 weeks

Promising a "non-meat patty" but then cooking it in meat juice without telling the consumer is extremely despicable. The ethical reasoning of people who routinely eat meat is incoherent.

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 3 weeks

As a meat-eating Vegan (just try to stick me in your little box, now), I approve of this victory for justice.

David 3 weeks

Why is the legal system being tied up with this nonsense?

david dindu
david dindu 3 weeks

Tastes like sin

Fin 3 weeks

Good for bk

Chris Causey
Chris Causey 3 weeks

An ethical vegan wouldn't even go somewhere like burger king.

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