Burqas and face veils banned by German state in schools

Burqas and face veils banned by German state in schools

The south-west state of Baden-Wuttemberg in Germany has banned burqas as well as face veils in schools. The ban has been explained as being placed as the whole body garment does not promote certain aspects that can be seen in a free society. Winfried Kretschmann, the Premier of the state further said that even before the ban, it was rare for schoolgirls to be wearing burqas.

Carisa D
Carisa D 1 weeks

Meanwhile in the US.... 😷😷😷

Seed 1 weeks

Yeah, force the women to remove their burqas and participate in consumer culture. Destroy their traditions and turn them into the idealized "individuals" that can be exploited by global capital. If they refuse, they will be sent to corrective facilities where, after they leave, they will all have pink-dyed butch cuts and be outspoken radical feminists and Stirnerean anarchists. Yet, they still will consume tons of consumer products in order to make up for the loss of meaning in their lives. Isn't progress wonderful?

Nunya 1 weeks

Should be banned everywhere.

David 1 weeks

Murky Merkel let them flood the country in drives.

Arthur 1 weeks

It's time for Muslims to assimilate!

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