Global Times editor: China will inflict ’real pain’ on ’unexpected US target’

Global Times editor: China will inflict ’real pain’ on ’unexpected US target’

Editor-in-chief of Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Time said Thursday that Beijing will retaliate after the closure of its consulate in Houston and will choose an ’unexpected target’ to inflict ’real pain’. Hu Xijin said Washington has already made preparations to close its Wuhan consulate, but, Xijin said, ’China’s target will be more likely unexpected, causing the US to feel real pain.’

Coolidge gang best gang
Coolidge gang best gang 2 weeks

CCP imagines itself a roaring dragon, but barks like chihuahua.

Garthak 2 weeks

China's fate really depends on the election. Trump will fight China, and Biden will bend over for China.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 2 weeks

We'll let you start. We'll be the ones who end it obviously, but go ahead, make the mistake we are so desperately waiting for you to make, after your covid 19 shenanigans. I think we have been waiting to kick you out of UN veto power for the longest time. Please give us what we need to turn you back into a third world country.

Ryan M
Ryan M 2 weeks

Their threats make them look weak.

Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael 2 weeks

To quote a great man, "F*** around and see what happens."

Aaron 2 weeks

Sooo, the CCP is in direct threatening mode? Hit them harder!!!

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 2 weeks

The CCP proves that it is an organisation of Criminals. Pity the Chinese people trampled by the CCP for 70 years.

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 2 weeks

They'll ban all exports to the U.S.. That's the only thing that can hurt. Not having access to products like medicine, and tech produced in China regardless if it is a foreign company that owns it, will be the worse thing they can do. But, if they do that, it'll just show the world exactly why they should remove all manufacturing from China.

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 2 weeks

CCP has been inflicting real pain to Chinese people for 70 years. 45 million dead Chinese can testify to their brutality. CCP are animals pretending to be humans.

ben 2 weeks

Ban them all

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