Hackers could have manipulated employees and used their credentials says Twitter

Hackers could have manipulated employees and used their credentials says Twitter

Twitter along with the FBI have been looking into the hacking of verified accounts last week. The accounts of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mike Bloomberg had been hacked. It was revealed that more than 1,000 Twitter employees had access to internal tools which hackers could have gotten ahold of after manipulating the former and using their credentials.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

I have no doubt that Twitter has information on its users that the users don't even realize. Even those who are logged in "anonymously" are likely to have their true identity known inside the company. How many Twitter employees have doxxed people they oppose politically in a surreptitious way? We'll probably never know.

Russell Polo
Russell Polo 1 weeks

Seems pretty negligent to me to essentially have 1000 master keys floating around. They need some sort of escalation request/approval, such that any hacked account doesn't automatically have god privileges. I would have expected better from a company such high profile, and clearly subject to continuous security attacks.

unvoided 1 weeks

Think about the information the hackers have who knows what was in them high profile accounts dms?

Bayou Man
Bayou Man 1 weeks

More PROOF TWITTER is an ANTI-AMERICA company...

Forester_ 1 weeks

Well, yeah, they do work for twitter.

James 1 weeks

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David 1 weeks

I wonder if this explains the strange and irrational Perthshire suspension of my Twitter account.

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