Dogs in Germany trained to identify people infected with COVID-19

Dogs in Germany trained to identify people infected with COVID-19

A veterinary university in Germany conducted a study which involved training of dogs to identify COVID-19 infected individuals. Just five days after training eight dogs belonging to Germany’s armed forces, the dogs could identify infected people with 95% accuracy. ’We think this works because metabolic processes in the body of a diseased patient is completely changed,’ said Professor Dr.Blickwede

David 2 weeks

It doesn't take any training to sniff out the BS of the M5M.

H 2 weeks

I get these are all dog related but completely different stories... also eating dog meat in Korea isn't a big thing like it used to be. Originally their country had been completely destroyed, it was all they had. As the economy grew after the wars, it's become much less common. Especially in cities. Some poor, countryside towns still might, as well as those who grew up during the war. It's not wide spread like all kinds of weird, random meats in other countries.

Sergio 2 weeks

Gotta love your pooch

TheMadDane 2 weeks

Oh fercissake

Dave 2 weeks

Train them to hunt down and kill the infected. Save the rest of us!

themdg 2 weeks


Indo 2 weeks

How come Koreans are following chainamen ways. Are they also going to start eating every possible meat as well !?

Al " let's rock" Bundy
Al " let's rock" Bundy 1 weeks

Dogs in US trained to smell out Trumpanzees. The strong odor of desperation and fear is not to hard to identify. 😂

SickOfTribalisem 2 weeks

Just a few days now that's imlressive... and just so you'll know people i once saw a nice short docu on dog training and... their amazing abilities and just how much they can be usefull and leaen quickly... from snifing at airports for bombs to snifing thoes same airports fie ants at taiwan... i mean their skill and potencial is amazing but 2 days... nice

Tubby 2 weeks

The Animal kingdom has preternatural ability to sniff snd smell odorous things homosapiens are unable to just ask the Sapient.

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