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The US move was ’a hodgepodge of anti-Chinese lies’ says Wang Wenbin

The US move was ’a hodgepodge of anti-Chinese lies’ says Wang Wenbin

Jun Wei Yeo, a Singaporean man pleaded guilty of using his political consultancy in America as a source of collecting information for Chinese intelligence. Earlier the US closed China’s consulate in Houston on the grounds of ’stealing’ intellectual property. Wang Wenbin from the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the US move was ’a hodgepodge of anti-Chinese lies’.

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 4 months

CCP is not China. CCP is a criminal organization that has bullied the Chinese people for 70 years and killed 45 million Chinese, more than both world wars added together.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 4 months

If it was all lies. Why did you get rid of all your documents

Yash 4 months

They play with your weak point. People will find it easy to believe that USA is being racist that's why they say 'anti-Chinese'. Same with luring researchers and businessmen by exploiting ur open system. Same with the recent tight security near US consulate in Chengdu, China where they tried to show that Chinese were coming too close to US consulate indirectly hinting that it's not just the CCP but the Chinese that u're also losing when u do all of this. Hence trying to show the 'made-up' level of economic pain that it will cause US (like no Chinese joining US universities, no tourism) and also showing CCP and Chinese people have same mentality hence trying to eradicate the specific wrath other countries are trying to cause ony towards CCP. When lines between CCP and Chinese is blurred, it's easy for CCP to play victim card. Weibo (China's Twitter) has many people feeling rejoiced that US is attacking CCP. These comments have the most likes. This is a huge sign of worry for CCP. When Chinese see that the world only has a problem with CCP and not with them, they start uniting against CCP as well and then no1 is behind them.

FactCheckerNeil 4 months

I found one half truth but I'm having no luck finding any actual lies in his speech. I've asked in four pro China Facebook groups, had half a dozen replies that all failed fact checks and I've now been banned from three of the group's after posting said fact checks. 😂 The fake news is strong in that country! Still waiting for a reply on their CGTN YouTube video.

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