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Multiple deaths in shooting at San Jose railyard

Multiple deaths in shooting at San Jose railyard

Police reported multiple fatalities and injuries after gunfire erupted on Wednesday at a railyard in San Jose. The suspect has been confirmed to be among the dead. The shooting took place at a light rail facility that is next-door to the Santa Clara county sheriff’s department and across a freeway from the airport. The victims include Valley Transportation Authority employees.

Got Truth
Got Truth 3 weeks

America is suffering from a serious morality problem, not a gun problem. Too many Americans don't fear God or take his plan for us to be a moral individuals, instead taking the attitude of self-god to set their own definition of what is moral and right. I guess this is the result of leftist culture winning. How is that going for you?

Brad 3 weeks

The media pumps up stories of shootings to stoke anti gun rights sentiments that ensentivises politicians to make vague and powerless threats against people's rights to own long range firework powered hole punchers that causes panic buying of said pellet yeet machines. The media has sold more lead flight simulators than the nra could dream of while moving half the states in the union to pass federal noncompliance firearm laws weakening federal power and pitting state governments against federal government. Meanwhile velocity dased delivery platform ownership has reached record highs with the majority of purchases being first time danger pipe purchasers during the 2020 summer of peacefires. Gun control has never been further away as an obtainable goal and it was the very people who tried to stop this who did it.

Zero 3 weeks

"Nobody gives a shit." -Republicans

S 3 weeks

Everybody calm down. Nothing new here. It's just another cr@zy white guy with an semi-auto rifle. America!

Sarang 3 weeks

Well, there's no point in me telling you that the best way to stop shooting is to take guns away.

Doug 3 weeks

Seven article links but just 2 (uninteresting) image choices. Another #NewsvoiceFail

Patrick 3 weeks

Another psychopath. When do edit this phenomena out of our gene pool?

jamie 3 weeks

Well judging by how many sources on the left reported on it I don’t even need to read the articles it def fits the lefts narrative

Kamran 3 weeks

...and the entire political world is braced to unleash its best accusations and blame on the other side depending on what the perp's alignment and motive might be...

Alex 3 weeks

White supremacist Trump supporter I’m sure

Glen 3 weeks

Another opportunity for the media to promote gun control. They government want to get rid of guns, that way they will have complete control over the people. (Like Nazi Germany did) and we all know how that turned out. All freedoms disappeared.

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 3 weeks

Why? Just let the social workers respond

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 weeks

Enter the gun control advocates....

Drew 3 weeks

I guess he wasn’t white then

Maverick 3 weeks

Classic California

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