Police declare the protest in Louisville’s Nulu as unlawful, arrests 76 people

Police declare the protest in Louisville’s Nulu as unlawful, arrests 76 people

On Friday afternoon, 76 protesters blockaded Market Street in Louisville’s Nulu neighborhood. The organizers of the protest blocked off the street with metal barricades as the crowd chanted - ’Whose streets? Our streets.’ Food areas, games, artwork and shade tents were also set up. Just before 5 pm, the police began arresting the crowd denouncing the gathering as an ’unlawful assembly’.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

Dear MSM. You keep misspelling "riots" with the letters "p-r-o-t-e-s-t-s".

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

We set up a craft table with some crayon drawings so when the Cameras rotate away from the violence they still have something to talk about. "How can the protestors be violent, look at this table with a fully grown adult handling out juice cups and snack bars. What pretty art," they'll say. *sound of broken glass and screams and explosions* "I want to remind the viewers that the only violence we have seen is from Trump supporters dressed in all black clothing hitting people with bike locks."

John W
John W 1 weeks

BLM blocks highway, shoots at car, but hits other BML blockaders instead. In Aurora, CO. https://denver.cbslocal.com/2020/07/25/protesters-block-interstate-225-injured-car-drives-through-crowd/ video https://youtu.be/__PSL9YJksc Different angle showing shooter https://twitter.com/Timcast/status/1287412979592503301?s=20 More cult behavior after Shooting. https://youtu.be/Lb87qzDGsL8

Louise 1 weeks

All this violence began when Trump sent military into these cities. It’s a re-election HOAX. Let locals handle it. Stop fomenting government sponsored violence.

A user you may know
A user you may know 1 weeks

Arrest more and faster. Bring back America. These riots everywhere is sickening.

tenoclock 1 weeks


KOAN. 1 weeks


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