Amazon, Google and Wish pull Neo-Nazi products after investigation

Amazon, Google and Wish pull Neo-Nazi products after investigation

Amazon, Google, and Wish have taken down white supremacist products after a BBC Click investigation uncovered such listings on their platforms. The three companies all said they ban racist products, however, the BBC easily found white-supremacist flags, neo-Nazi books and Ku Klux Klan merchandise being offered on the sites. They also pulled material linked to the ’boogaloo’ movement.

TexasReb 2 weeks

Black Power stuff is fully available on Amazon and that's a completely racist. Oh no? How about White Power?

Dan 2 weeks

They should remove BLM merchandise also.

Stephen 2 weeks

Given the very fluid definition of "neo-Nazi" by the media and leftists, I am very skeptical of this story.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 weeks

Sure make things harder to get this driving them up in value and mystique. Don’t these clowns understand this very basic human trait? Tell someone they can’t have something and they want it more. It’s almost as if all this censorship and far left LARPing is intended to raise the spectre of a strongman dictator who will rule us all with an iron fist 🤔

Unknown221 2 weeks

Bruh just because some retards are offended doesn't mean you can't sell something. Reminds me of how PewDiePie is shown as fascist in media when he is nowhere near it

8 2
8 2 2 weeks

If they are removing racist stuff they should remove anything related the Democrat party being the party of slavery, the KKK, lynchings, Jim Crow, destroying the black family, and now burning black communities (i.e. all racist things in US history).

Arrow 2 weeks

Some neo-nazi small business owner is having the sales day of his LIFE now that there's no competition. Empty gestures like this from tech giants only serve to fuel the flames, and like it or not, it will. If they were so worried about these products being sold, silently remove them over time. Making it a publicity stunt is helping those they claim to oppose.

David 2 weeks

When are Marxist products going to be removed?

michael 2 weeks

next up, remove white supremacists products.

Jane 2 weeks

I think if I want to buy Neo Nazi stuff, it's my choice

IvoryDove 2 weeks

Did they remove the neo communist content yet?

Mutatis 2 weeks

This subjective censor nonsense always spirals out of control. Unless it is illegal, just let your customers decide what they desire.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 2 weeks

I love the smell of corporate virtue signalling in das morgen.

Fin 2 weeks

Black power has zero to with nazis who practiced genocide and are a human stain upon all of society on. Earth

Brendon 2 weeks

He knows that he’ll get boo’ed wherever he goes

General Zap
General Zap 2 weeks

What a fascist move! Ironic! Hail the fascism of our times!

IvoryDove 2 weeks

You can't find a "bars and stars" flag at Amazon, but..

Stephen 2 weeks

Where are American supposed to buy their Trump regalia now?

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