Twitter bans conspiracy theory group QAnon

Twitter bans conspiracy theory group QAnon

Following a surge of harassment and misinformation complaints, Twitter announced multiple measures to curb QAnon content. It has taken down over 7000 such accounts for spam and platform manipulation. The ban includes limiting the circulation of QAnon content on trending topics and search, as well as any followup URLs.

Cole Erdmann
Cole Erdmann 1 weeks

by banning it you have basically said its true. now a lot of people wgo didnt know about Q will be looking into it too. good job!

Anony 1 weeks

Qanon was just a bunch of 4chan shitposts boomers and older gen-X's were taking seriously.

skrappjaw 1 weeks

Way to call attention to them. Denying them a platform only amplifies their message. Just like what happened to Alex Jones. His platform is still successful, even without access to Twitter FB and YT. Active censorship only feed their confirmation bias.

Justin 1 weeks

Ok, if we are going to ban conspiracy theorist. We should ban the fake news for thier Russia hoax.

Gnaw Maul
Gnaw Maul 1 weeks

The Q cult may be misguided, and mostly nonsensical with a lot of their beliefs, falling for the PsyOp turned LARP, but they are probably one of the least harmful groups on social media. However, they are adamantly opposed to the very real Cryptocracy and so present a problem. Nothing that a Nazicrat platform cannot handle though. The liberals running the Twitterreich merely flex their Hitlerian muscle and voila, no more QAnon!

David 1 weeks

Why? The mainstream media kept up the Russian collusion conspiracy theory for over 3 years.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 1 weeks

Well out of all the conspiracies I’d say Qanon a peaceful one and who knows may be true. If people aren’t harming anyone I don’t care what they believe. I wonder when twitter will ban people who actually harm people/tweet threats!

Dan 1 weeks

What haven't they banned? Anybody who dont agree with them,they ban.

Imperial Nerd
Imperial Nerd 1 weeks

Careful... This is making seem more like a publisher.....

SickOfTribalisem 1 weeks

Wait what... why was i sure they were allready banned... i mean it's twitter do they still have users to ban...

John W
John W 1 weeks

QANON is just government disinformation. The ban just makes them look real.

mint 1 weeks

Nice Twitter now, just ban the rest of your users

808HIvibes 1 weeks

Glad to see them join nazis, white supremacists, incels, pedos, and terrorists.

nevertrustnobody 1 weeks

Some flora spread their seeds when trampled upon ...

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

Who even cares about this boomer-feel-good conspiracy theory?

David 1 weeks

Just drop all social media, I did years ago. It really has no benefits and is a huge waste of time.

Aaron 1 weeks

And how is this "QAnon" different from what you'd see and hear on MSMBC or CNN?

Barry 1 weeks

Don't break the rules you don't get banned

Tom 1 weeks

Stupid Twitter

Ben 1 weeks

Good Riddance!

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