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Woman in racist Central Park confrontation sues employer over firing

Woman in racist Central Park confrontation sues employer over firing

A woman who was widely condemned and fired after she was caught on camera disputing with a Black birdwatcher in Central Park has filed a lawsuit against her former employer. Amy Cooper accuses the company, Franklin Templeton, of not doing an investigation before her termination because of her race and gender. She said in the lawsuit it wasn’t racism that led her to call police but fear.

PA_Patriot89 3 weeks

You can thank a particular Twitter personality who was popular in left wing circles (but now facing a federal lawsuit by 15 plaintiffs as well as allegations of abuse and predatory behavior) for help leading the charge in harassing her employer to fire her.

Trevor 3 weeks

That lady was total dum&as$. Her fear stemmed from racism. I let my dog run without a leash to. When someone says something to me I tell them he's friendly and leave there area. If they follow and decide to play lawman, you just let them do it. "Come here boy. Some people just suck don't they. Yes they do and this one really does. Go get the stick"

Daniel 3 weeks

Dont quote me on this because it’s been a long time, but didn’t the person recording admit on Twitter to acting shady? If I remember correctly they started calling the dog over and responded with “you’ll see” when asked what they planned on doing to the dog. Regardless the dog should have been on a leash but I don’t blame the owner for being worried.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

Well this lady and MTG would get along just fine bcs they simply don't see what's wrong with themselves.

Kendall 3 weeks

"Im lovin' it"

k1shi 3 weeks

it almost seems as if the culture is turning little by little...almost.

Randall 3 weeks

Is it racism to be afraid of black people?

Pablo 3 weeks

What's with these crazy racist NY democrats having such little grey matter?

Mutatis 3 weeks

Well she was fired based on nonsense, so it would be ironic for her to win a lawsuit using the same nonsense. Of course, it would also be a general win for due process in firing decisions, which would be a better precedent for everyone.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 weeks

Seems like a reasonable lawsuit.

Jindra 3 weeks

She may also sue her therapist. And then her therapist may sue her for not following her program.

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