Trump campaign manager challenges Biden campaign to compete in Texas, Georgia

Trump campaign manager challenges Biden campaign to compete in Texas, Georgia

The re-election campaign of United States President Donald Trump mocked the Democratic Party and challenged the Biden campaign to compete with Republicans in traditionally red states like Texas and Georgia. Bill Stepien, the newly appointed manager of the Trump campaign said he invites the Biden campaign to ’play in Texas’. ’They should play hard’, he said.

Holley 2 weeks

Trump is so desperate to hold onto power, he is now portraying himself to be the underdog. How could a sitting President be the underdog? No one wants Trump to have a second term. Not even his own people. Not even his own party. IMPOTUS can't bear to think that he will lose in 3 months, that he will try anything to hold on to power. He will throw his own people under the bus. He will lie and cheat even more. If that is even possible? Hanging on to Trumps coat tails will be Political suicide. In the coming months, you will see some real reality show moments. Too bad this isn't make believe. Then we can yell cut! Or hit the reset button. What happens now is real! 140000 dead! A Nation divided! And still more dying everyday. For what? WTF is wrong with us? WTF is wrong with our world, our Nation, our lives! That Trump can even be considered for a second term? WAKE UP!

Seekster 1 weeks

Trump will win Texas and Georgia. I would be surprised if Biden is able to even make it close.

Fin 2 weeks

Cowards n losers mock... Leaders brush it off n get the job done with laser focus

Griffiss 2 weeks

It's because he's losing, no other reason

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