Car hits pedestrians in Berlin; at least 7 injured

Car hits pedestrians in Berlin; at least 7 injured

Seven people were injured in Berlin, Germany, early Sunday after a driver apparently lost control of his car and drove into pedestrians. The incident occurred in Berlin’s Hardenbergplatz, outside the Zoological Garden train station. Police said the driver of the vehicle has been taken into custody and an investigation is underway. However, it appears the accident was caused by excessive speed.

TheWaxDragon 2 weeks

We need to ban assault vehicles right now! You car-nuts are just blind to the truth, theres no reason somebody should be allowed to own a dangerous weapon such as this. Vehicles kill!

Tim 2 weeks

No reason to assume this was not an accident.

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 2 weeks

... was this a peaceful driver?

David 2 weeks

Care to speculate on the ethnicity of the driver? I think our assumptions will be accurate.

Gellért 2 weeks

How many of these we need to see, different cultures don't mix well?

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