Hurricane Hanna leaves trail of devastation in Texas

Hurricane Hanna leaves trail of devastation in Texas

Thousands of homes and businesses were left without power after Hurricane Hanna swept through southern Texas over the weekend. Originally a category one storm, it was later downgraded to a tropical storm. On Sunday evening, Hanna continued its march southwest as a tropical depression, slipping into Mexico while still lashing the Rio Grande Valley with rainfall.

Corey 1 weeks

Texas can take care of itself. Maybe if they actually paid their fair share in taxes and didn’t ask for handouts all the time, while oppressing minorities, i would feel differently! Texan politicians beg for handouts but when Blue States do for disaster relief, the same politicians say Blue States don’t deserve it!

Fin 1 weeks

Ugh... Prayers are with u Texans.. Hang in there

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Shame in them! There is a potential for suffering! No fun allowed

porcus 1 weeks

So? It is not illegal to have fun. Yet.

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