Veteran combat medic and activist  Mike Hastie pepper sprayed in Portland

Veteran combat medic and activist Mike Hastie pepper sprayed in Portland

Federal agents pepper sprayed photojournalist and veteran Vietnam War combat medic Mike Hastie during Portland protests over the weekend. Footage captured by video producer Andrew Kimmel shows Hastie being sprayed point-blank in the eyes. After being sprayed Hastie said, ’Here, I’ll give you my card. Someone needs to get this on...on film expletive. I mean, really. That’s why I’m here.’

Sean Sosik-Hamor
Sean Sosik-Hamor
Ken Gainey
Ken Gainey 1 weeks

If the journalist isn't smart enough to follow the orders of the law enforcement agents and disperse as directed this wouldn't be a problem. Why do you expect them to differentiate between protester/rioters/journalist when they are trying to clear the area? People act like journalists should be exempt from lawful orders but that's not how it works. Abide by the law or pay the consequences.

Ben 1 weeks

This is just a thought, something I’ve been considering regarding these protests. Mostly, it’s people who are moderates or left leaning participating in the riots. IN GENERAL that political leaning normally coincides with pro-gun control (thankfully meaning there isn’t anyone I’ve heard of taking shots at the police). But the point of the second ammendment, and what people who are pro-gun often point out, is that weapons are to protect us from government tyranny. Now, I’m not going to say there’s one right answer or something, but I wanted to throw out an idea. The riots show that, yes, government institutions can be tyrannical and violent. This could mean that either allowing people to have firearms is important to maintain individual freedom because it allows people to defend themselves against government institutions (if only by forcing police to be more cautious knowing there may be guns involved), OR it could mean that guns aren’t necessary to preserve our freedom in a world with the internet and smartphones, under a “pen is mightier than the sword” idea, demonstrated by none of the protestors using firearms and the message is still getting across. Just some food for thought.

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