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Gold prices could top $2,000 this year, predict analysts

Gold prices could top $2,000 this year, predict analysts

Analysts have predicted Gold prices to rally beyond the $2,000 level this year as economic and geopolitical uncertainties would cause investors to look for safer heavens. On Monday morning sport gold prices jumped to record levels, trading at $1,931.11 per ounce after earlier moving as high as $1,943.92 per ounce. The prices were similar to the previous record high price set in September 2011.

Jason 4 months

When civil wars seems not to impossible, people invest in precious metals like gold, silver and lead.

Unity2020 4 months

Gold has the ability to hit 2k/oz TODAY. It’s been inching closer and closer in recent days. Silver is another story. Up over 100% since March.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

Wtf thevcover photo has that brick wrapped up in sheet music or something.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 4 months

Just once I'd like to hold a pure gold bar.

Arthur 4 months

Were have I heard this before and many times as well ,still hasn't happened!

jordi 4 months

That is a lot of people buying gold that probably only exists on paper or digital but your never going to see your metal

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