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Moderna coronavirus vaccine enters final stage of clinical testing

Moderna coronavirus vaccine enters final stage of clinical testing

The Cambridge, Mass.-based company’s Phase 3 trial will test its experimental inoculation in about 30,000 people at nearly 100 research sites across the country to evaluate whether it can safely and effectively prevent COVID-19 infections.

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8 2 3 months

The only real risk in normal vaccines is that it doesn’t work. 100 years ago they developed a vaccine for the Spanish Flu in just a few months they started giving it to the public as fast as they could produce it and it worked. Our methods are much better these day. You can’t catch a disease from artificial or dead viruses which are most vaccines (as opposed to a live virus vaccine). Some people have concerns about vaccine preservatives in young children but this has not been validated nor do we know that this would need preservatives. I would take it. In the military I took more vaccines than I could count for diseases most people have never heard of, and so have millions of other people.

Justin 3 months

George Carlin said it best:

Kyle G
Kyle G 3 months

I’ll take a hard pass on any vaccine.

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