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Remington gunmaker files for second bankruptcy in two years

Remington gunmaker files for second bankruptcy in two years

Remington CEO D’Arcy via a court filing declared bankruptcy for the second time in two years with plans to sell its business. The 204-year-old firearms conglomerate continued to struggle with weak sales after a 2018 restructuring cut down its hefty debt and handed ownership to its creditors. The company has entered bankruptcy without a leading bidder as sale talks with Navajo Nation fell through.

MrVairhein 4 months

How? Every gun store within 50 miles of st. Louis is sold out of like everything and is nuts right now with 500$ guns selling for like 1000$. And they make ammo too which, again, is like sold out or on a 2 box limit everywhere. I couldnt find an ar 15 to buy ended up buying a stripped lower receiver and ordered a kit to build my own online. Should be here in a couple days! Is it like this everywhere?

Randy 4 months

Then Let Them FAIL

Mike 4 months

True capitalism, they're inept so therefore no bail out.

Ver 4 months

Capitalism 101: 1) buy a trademark with a high recognition for quality 2) drastically cut producing cost i.e. quality of product 3) maximise profits for as long as you can fool the consumer 4) file for bankrupcy / get public money 5) repeat elsewhere

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