Georgia inmates credited with helping save deputy’s life

Georgia inmates credited with helping save deputy’s life

FOX 5 reported that three inmates Lovelace, Whitehead & Smalls at Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia are being credited for saving life of a sheriff’s deputy Hobbs who apparently suffered heart trouble. As Hobbs suddenly fell to the floor and started bleeding from his head, the trio called for help using phone as well as deputy’s radio. Soon help arrived and Hobbs received the medical attention.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 weeks

I mean there is a false perception that inmates are always bad people. Not always the case. There are exceptions but mostly it's people who made stupid choices and got caught. Good on them.

Victoria 2 weeks

How slimey the left leaning headline sounds. Heart troubles and a collapse being framed as 'who fell unconscious on the job'. Idk man feels like they couldn't even help from making a jab at a man who could have died. (Edit: typo)

CommanderVaasDC 2 weeks


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