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Trump repeals Obama-era anti-segregation housing rule

Trump repeals Obama-era anti-segregation housing rule

Trump told suburban voters Wednesday his administration was rescinding a 2015 regulation intended to combat discriminatory housing practices and segregation, and claimed that the move will boost house prices and reduce crime rate. The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing mandate required communities that receive grants to assess racial segregation in housing and offer plans to correct it.

Lover 2 months

I find it very telling that when the left thinks of poverty, the first image in their minds is of black and brown people. If you treat a group as eternally disenfranchised, don't act surprised when they struggle to overcome that image.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 2 months

Fuck. I'm just asking for a punch in the face with this comment... Removing low income housing from suburbia is one of the worse things you can do. When the poor and unemployed are grouped together, they stay poor and unemployed, and teach that habit to their children who repeat the cycle, causing intergenerational poverty. Conversely, when the poor and unemployed are feathered into a middle income population, they are look to their neighbors as role models and are motivated to self improve, and get jobs. From the "studies" I've read over the years, feathering in 1st and 2nd generation poor into middle class neighborhoods is far more successful than 3rd generation onwards. This is good for the poor people as they have self respect and earned income, and good for the economy as it has more workers and less deadweight, and good for tge neighborhoods as they learn compassion. It's also good for race relations, as white middle income families witness the upward momentum of poor black families, it will help break down the (well deserved) stereotypes of blacks being criminals, lazy, uneducated, and with no family values. I know this post sounds rather inflammatory, but it is not my intent to be so... It's just hard to speak about this topic at all without pissing someone off :/

a commoner
a commoner 2 months

@just. No punches in the face. Just respectful disagreement. Sorry to disappoint. I disagree with you, because Ive seen the results of "feathering in". Crime rose, property values dropped. You talk about first or 2nd generation. But there are so many more opportunities in urban rather than suburban communities. If we offered help to get through until they are able to lift themselves out, augment incomewhile going to school or while learning a trade instead of removing aid the minute they get a job. Think of the wins there! They would be able to contribute more, and hopefully would have a higher self esteem. Im dreaming though.

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