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NYT reporter deletes tweet claiming Wuhan lab leak theory is rooted in ’racism’

NYT reporter deletes tweet claiming Wuhan lab leak theory is rooted in ’racism’

NYT global health reporter Apoorva Mandavilli tweeted and then deleted a message on Wednesday regarding the so-called ’lab leak theory’ of the origin of the pandemic. Her now deleted tweet read: ’Someday we will stop talking about the lab leak theory and maybe even admit its racist roots.’ Explaining the reason for deleting the tweet she said, ’it unleashed some incredibly nasty tweets and DM.’

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 3 weeks

Why would searching for an answer be racist? I bet she has no problem with the name Ebola virus (named after a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo), the Spanish Flu or West Nile Virus. Actually, I take that back. She's probably woke enough to have an issue with everything. 🙄

Stefan 3 weeks

Errrthing is ra©ist nowadays.

Milkshake 3 weeks

This is the least of problems. The biggest one is that the science community joined the crusade of absolutely denying the Wuhan Lab theory and also joined the politicized fray. These "journalists" were propped up by science and tech sources. The biggest danger to Humanity isn't Journalism failing, it's the science collective coming out as being paid, corrupt, and forwarding lobbied corrupt studies filled with misinformation by the highest bidder and subsidizer. WHO also failing Humanity with the Taiwan scandal is also another example. Unfortunately, the present day scientific community, especially the American one, has showcased that it has no more integrity or venue for trust from the public. Bret Weinstein cautioned against this and suffered 2 years of ridicule, now everyone who ridiculed him should just kowtow and kiss his feet for forgiveness as even the Biden admin has come out in support of his statements.

Robert_Clearwater 3 weeks

You expect me to believe that within one single transmission from a wild animal to a human that Covid19 mutated into what it did? Absolutely not. If I were to see a human with perfectly functioning gills swimming underwater that is an uphill battle to convince me that is simply a product of birth.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 3 weeks

"Hack journo deletes Tweet for drumming up too much conflict and attention"? I'm not buying it. Between this and the shutting down of Trump's investigation just to announce their own, my guess is that the Biden administration knows their going to have to admit it eventually, but don't want the "racism" association or for Trump to get credit.

MyVoice 3 weeks

Speaking the truth is racist now? Evidence is getting stronger that covid came from the wuhan lab. It leaked and China covered it up.

nathan 3 weeks

NYT isn’t really concerned with facts anyway, just aganda. This NYC reporter denying the fact that the covid 19 virus came from a lab in Wuhan China fits NYT’s aganda.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 3 weeks

Don’t you just hate it when it turns out that your “wokeness” doesn’t fit the occasion and you have to quickly back out of the room and hope no one saw you. Kinda like walking into a party trying to look so cool and then you realize you have a string of toilet paper stuck to your shoe… and there’s 💩 on it! 😳

Erich 3 weeks

I’m not shocked, but we should be. This is her job! Her job is to search for facts, theories, comments and clues - and then put them together in a story. Then follow up as new information emerges. She exemplifies the demise of our news organizations.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 weeks

It's moved from conspiracy to theory. 🎶YAKETY SAX 🎶

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 3 weeks

It didn’t leak from anywhere. It’s never even been isolated so as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t exist.

John 3 weeks

When weak minded and unable to come up with an intelligent and intellectual response this is what the left does. Cry racism every chance they get because they are not smart enough to have a real conversation.

peeweeherman 3 weeks

I mean, whether its a lab leak or not it still originated in China, so does that mean that any investigation whatsoever is racist? GtFOH

peeweeherman 3 weeks

Let's discuss the real issue...they only think its "racist" because Trump had a theory that it could have originated in the lab. ..and they just can't deal with the fact that he may be right! So, they pull out the old racism card and hope it sticks

Daniel 3 weeks

It was called racist when Trump suggested it but now that Biden is in office the woke mob is being kept silent. Get back in your cage, golem, you aren’t needed anymore.

Vark 3 weeks

China is funding the "everything is racist" to silence others. Anyone who uses this argument is using it as a weapon.

David 3 weeks

Careful not to trip while backpedaling so fast.

bobby_5150 3 weeks

Simple translation, ORANGE MAN BAD!

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 3 weeks

You can delete it all you want, the internet never forgets.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

Not surprised

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