FCC approves Amazon’s internet-from-space Kuiper constellation

FCC approves Amazon’s internet-from-space Kuiper constellation

The FCC has approved Amazon’s plans for its Kuiper constellation, which entails sending 3,236 satellites into orbit to beam internet coverage down to Earth. As per an FCC document, Amazon plans to send the satellites to three different altitudes, and it claims it needs just 578 satellites in orbit to begin service. Amazon plans to invest ’more than $10 billion’ in Project Kuiper.

Stephen 5 days

You know the service that will remove a product from their storefront if enough people complain? Yeah they want to be able to shut off your internet access with the same ease. That should scare you.

Anatole 5 days

Didn't Elon musk already have this idea?

Mike 5 days

Wonder how Ajit Pai made from this.

Jane 5 days

Do we really need to send up 3k satellites to add to the thousands of pieces of garbage up there now?


This is billionaires in anticipation for the fall of mankind so that they can still maintain Internet connections around the world to keep their factories chugging where is Elon Musk is probably more towards the development of the human race Jeff Bezos is more geared towards the oppression of the human race as far as I can tell

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