Australia to make Google and Facebook pay for news content

Australia to make Google and Facebook pay for news content

The Australian Govt. plans to give Google and Facebook three months to negotiate with local media businesses fair pay for news content. ’It’s about a fair go for Australian news media businesses’, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said. Google called Australia’s latest draft of a mandatory code of conduct as a heavy-handed step that could impede the digital economy.

Burn 4 days

The news stations are dying to the internet, just as big record labels did, and retail has.

Chris 4 days

Good, Very Good. I am a US Reader who is sick of seeing these two and all of the big technology platforms unregulated. It’s not just that they refuse to pay the laborers their wages—They refuse to let their customers engage in democratic conversations unmolested. They love to meddle after which they lie to your face. Yes, the playing field is unbalanced.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 4 days

Good on you Australia.

Deet 4 days

Awesome action taken by Australian Gov!

Eric Babich
Eric Babich 5 days

The end of Australian news on Facebook and google

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