Community captions features to be removed by YouTube

Community captions features to be removed by YouTube

Deaf and hard-of-hearing creators of YouTube expressed their outrage as YouTube plans to discontinue the community captions feature. The video uploading website said that the feature had problems of spam/abuse and was hardly used by creators. The platform is looking to discontinue the feature as of September 28th.

Tom A
Tom A
Cerys 1 weeks

Why though? Genuinely. This takes pressure off of content creators, improves global access by expanding the target audience, and adds to interactivity of the site as a whole.

8 2
8 2 1 weeks

It’s ridiculous they claim to be so supportive of disadvantaged communities. Here is a community that is obviously and truly disadvantaged but they could care less because it’s inconvenient.

Texas4ever 1 weeks

YouTube is not going to have me as a customer if I cannot follow along with captions. I just don’t want to read anymore of their stupid excuses. The captions are the only reason fo me being around media requiring hearing. Our worthless Government needs to enforce the Americans With Disabilities Act .

Nigel 1 weeks

That’s on my birthday, wow

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 weeks

If they carry TV content I believe they have to offer the option of closed captions.

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