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Army sergeant claims he’s the one who shot a protester to death in Austin

Army sergeant claims he’s the one who shot a protester to death in Austin

A U.S. Army sergeant has confessed to being the person who shot and killed a BLM protester in downtown Austin, Texas Saturday night, claiming to have done so in self-defense. 27-year-old Garrett Foster was shot by a motorist who had just turned onto the avenue where the demonstration was being held. Sergeant Daniel Perry claims to have acted after ’several people started beating on his vehicle’.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 4 months

As any law abiding citizen would do when they have an AK 47 pointed at them. Responsibility of lost life is on the person who held the gun at others in the first place. Latest Darwin Award winner.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

I agree he acted in self defense. If someone points a commie gun at me, which is obvious lethal intent, not only will I fire at them, I will be offended that they dare attempt to kill me with a gross ripoff of the STG-44.

Morbo 4 months

How does the left paint a gun wielding rioter as a victim, ignores reality thats how.

Matthew 4 months

Don't point guns at random people anywhere...especially not in Texas. Its just too bad he isn't in a good branch of the military, like the Air Force.

Cooper 4 months

The extremist was the man who drove his car into the crowd of protestors. He did this with one single intent: provoke someone just enough to justify my want to murder a protestor. Plain and simple. Why was he driving into the crowd? The man with the AK-47 had his weapon at the ready (legal, ex-soldier, caring for his wheelchair-bound wife) because the car driving into the crowd was clearly out of place and menacing. The driver drove into that crowd with the express intent of committing murder. Everyone knows it. Justifying otherwise is criminal in and of itself.

Chad 4 months

This is pushback against the mob at the grassroots level. They, the mob, need to understand that accosting law abiding citizens with their utter hatred of everything could come with lethal consequences.

Lord 4 months

Everyone playing the blame game on the comment section.

Nathaniel Nelson
Nathaniel Nelson 4 months

This is one of the worst comment sections I’ve seen. A man died and all anybody can talk about is their political beliefs. Also, we don’t actually know what happened. There are different stories ranging from Perry aggressively driving his car into the crowd and Foster approaching with is gun pointed down to Foster pointing his gun at Perry. Honestly, I don’t think Foster should have been carrying a gun—that could reasonably seem threatening—but I also think that Perry was probably looking for conflict by driving his car into the protest. Regardless, this is a tragedy and it’s sad that people don’t care about Garrett Foster’s death. If all lives matter, that includes the lives of protestors.

Bill 4 months

I don’t have the details of the death of the BLM protester recently shot to death. Before we point fingers either way, allow the authorities to fully investigate the incident to determine if a crime was committed. Evidence, not political angst, should be the way we respond. Hate, on all sides, is doing grievous harm to our society.

Eileeñ 4 months

Pointing guns at people are insane but this more typical of the Republicans and really not democrats look at the FBI reports on that, I dont care how many time the right causes the democrats but the facts are there and we need to get guns of the hands of a sociopath hands, trump is using his base ,the these people dont even know it .pathetic

Louise 4 months

When I was in India hundreds of people would beat on the trunk or hood of my cab. Begging for money. I never shot one of them.

Miguel Duran
Miguel Duran 4 months

How the hell did RT of all sources get this title right?

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 4 months

He had a gun pointed at him and was surrounded by an agressive crowd. As soon as he was safe he presented to police and told the truth that he fired first in self defense and this is corroborated by video that shows he did fire first and was fired on in return by another so called protestor. He's been honest, clear and acted appropriately. I expect he'll get 30 to life. 😞

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 4 months

I am so glad this man made it out unharmed after being surrounded by BLM/ANTIFA thugs. As soon as that man pointed his rifle at the soldier, he was gonna die. We need to be able to defend ourselves from far left violence and I hope this man isn’t dragged like many other VICTIMS!

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 4 months


Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 4 months

It's required to dox people who act in self defense, so the left know who to attack again.

A user you may know
A user you may know 4 months

The man came at him threatingly with a long gun. Don't call him a protester because what he was doing before he became a threat is irrelevant. If a Starbucks employee killed someone when not at work you would not put their occupation in the title. The media really needs to be taken to task and held accountable for their disingenuous bull 💩

Lawrence 4 months

The biased in this story is frightening!! We are living in dangerous times. I guess protest don’t have to follow laws. They can beet on my car, block my way and yell vile Language and what is my recourse? Forgot pointing weapons along with threats.?

8 2
8 2 4 months

Countless people have been attacked by these rioters, including hundreds of cops, and more than 30 people have been murdered. Many of those were innocent people just trying to get around the mod. At this point if a mob of “protesters” surounds someone, won’t let them through, and starts becoming aggressive [especially if they are armed] the person should be considered in mortal danger and be able to use lethal force to defend themselves, without full immunity from prosecution. To many innocent people have died already, this needed to stop. We should not be protecting the criminals who constantly attack and threaten innocent bystanders.

Charlie 4 months

Way to go. Protesters are protesting about nothing. Racism is a card that is played. Racism doesn't exist otherwise

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