ICE chief announces he is leaving agency

ICE chief announces he is leaving agency

Acting ICE Director Matt Albence announced Friday that he is stepping down from the law enforcement agency. Before taking over as acting head, Albence had served as deputy director and also worked in ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). He retires after more than 25 years in law enforcement. Under Albence, the agency launched a crackdown on sanctuary cities.

Jovan 1 weeks

Good riddance coward

michael 1 weeks

repeal the Patriot act.

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

Hopefully TRUMP puts Sheriff David Clarke in charge of ICE would be sweet to see liberal tears flow

Jon 1 weeks

When the moral struggle becomes too worries I'm sure Trump has a list of people with zero morals or care for humans to take his place.

spilltheT 1 weeks

How many has the trump administration gone through now???

Stephen 1 weeks

It looks like the rats are leaving the ship.

Cerys 1 weeks

So he's not extreme enough for them anymore, whodathunk..

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