Jeff 1 weeks

While this is a terrifying and unfortunate screw up, the news never reports when things go according to plan. Without perspective and knowing how often they don't mess up, you can't say that these things happen too often. Imagine, we hear about every time police do bad, but never hear about when they do good. Our mind is conditioned to assume that the easier something is to recall and the easier it is to reference the more prevalent that thing is. Let's publish the tens of thousands of positive daily interactions law enforcement has with the public, then we'll see how untrained you think they are.

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 1 weeks

sounds like some exgirlfriends type of revenge.....not to laugh.......seriously not I'm holding it in until it passes.....

Barry 1 weeks

Can we please have a higher requirements for being a cop? Being able to use a map would be a start

Fin 1 weeks

Massive law suit

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