Shamura 6 days

Voter fraud is a real concern, as people recieve ballots for dead relatives, people who don't live in the resident anymore and even for pets. It's also the concern that not all votes get to where they're going, getting 'lost' on the way. Stephen Millers comments are not xenophobic or wrong, nor violated the HATCH Act. If we held everyone to this standard, half the democratic party would be terminated these last 4 years. Nothing to see here, just another nothing-burger served to you with extra salt by the globalists.

Fin 1 weeks

Ethics do not exist in this orbit of the white house... The chekist nashist twilightzone

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 6 days

Lol some very funny comments here 🤣 man I hope Trump romps home in 100 odd days, the entertainment will be phenomenal!

Corey 6 days

Trump, the Republican Party, like all right-wingers, support racism, oppression, hatred, abuse, torture and murder of minorities.

WWG1WGA 6 days

Only way to be sure 1 ID 1 Vote. Or on the mail in ballot you need to put your thumb and finger print in boxes and if 2 show up with same prints you get 30 years in prison 3 show up you get 60 years 4 or more life without parole or the death penalty for treason. 1 illegal vote 50 years in prison or automatic deportation and if caught on US soil ever again automatic death penalty. Any dead person votes if it can be tracked the person mailing it 50 years in prison. Without harsh measures millions of illegals and dead ppl will be voting demonrats

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