Kelby 1 weeks

That would be true if he won. Which given the amount of cheating and dirty tricks being performed by the Republican party is quite possible.

Eileeñ 1 weeks

Rig or not Trump shouldn't be in power. People that support him. Dont seem to realize that eventually Trumps horrible decisions will affect them in the future so dont think you amune to his horrible dealings and responses to the virus plus other things

Skot 1 weeks

Even the dummy knows US elections are fraudulent, but when weren't they? Bonus question: Does it matter?!

Fin 1 weeks

No clear winner.. Ok come Jan 20 2021 the constitution will then authorize the speaker of the house to be sworn in as the pro tem president... Keep screwing with the election n pandering fear n lies as u defund the post office. .. N see where it gets u with no clear winner.. Probably indicted the moment u are escorted off white house grounds

frank 1 weeks

Says the man who lost by over 3,000,000 votes and still became president!

Bradley 6 days

Look at all the lefties getting so mad in here hahaha Trump playa you over emotional sjw's like a fiddle! And frankly it's bloody hilarious to watch all of you frrak out and panic. He probably woke up that morning rolled over and said "Melania watch this" then tweeted that out, and Melania is like "Oh Donald". Then he laughed as he press send.

Seekster 1 weeks

Pretty sure the President can't delay an election under normal circumstances. This feels like misdirection from Trump.

MF 1 weeks

He’s damn right

S 1 weeks

So he means it will be like his? Tough.

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